Kimberly Personal Ordering Services

Welcome to Kimberly Personal Ordering Services! In a fast-paced world where convenience is key, we revolutionize your online ordering experience. Our dedicated team ensures that your needs and preferences are met . With our user-friendly calculator , you can effortlessly see how much it will cost to order your packages. Say goodbye to the hassle and wasted hours—and enjoy the stress-free, personalized, and reliable online ordering with Kimberly Personal Ordering Services.
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Your total cost includes customs taxes and my service fee.

If your order is over $1000, you will pay in full. If your total is under $1000, you will pay half of the total upfront. Once the items arrive and you receive them, you will pay the remaining half.

There are courier services available to deliver your packages. The rates range between $40 and $60. Alternatively, you can opt for TTPost delivery, which costs $30.

Meet-up points are also available for both collection and payments at the following locations:

  • Port of Spain
  • St. James
  • Morvant Junction

Online banking, bank deposits (fast deposit), or Western Union/MoneyGram are the other available payment options.


** Whatsapp me to get bank information **